Twisted Fate is now available on Amazon!

My Rockstar Erotic Romance novel is now live on Amazon! Twisted Fate: The Kendrick Chronicles: Book 1 can be purchased on Amazon, or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can pick it up for free! Click HERE to give the first few chapters a 'Sneak Peek' if you like! In other news, Book 2: Private... Continue Reading →


Twisted Fate – Book One of The Kendrick Chronicles…

Is nearly ready for publication! It's been a very long year and a half of revisions, editing and handing off to beta-readers, but the day is fast approaching! I'm tentatively aiming for a July 5th or July 6th release if all goes to plan and then it will be available in Paperback and e-book formats.... Continue Reading →


I'm currently in the midst of editing Book One (15 chapters down, 25 to go) and soon I'll need to settle on a few things. One is the title of the book. I'm torn between Twisted Fate and Twist of Fate. So there's a poll taking place HERE if you'd like to help me decide.... Continue Reading →


18 Chapters in. 66,259 words typed. Only half way through the second draft. If I'm lucky, the third run through will just be tweaking various descriptions and I won't feel the need to adjust the story line at all (or at least minimally). Then it's editing, cover selection/design, publish and all will be 'official'. Feels... Continue Reading →


My mother tells me that I always did like to write. My earliest memories of writing don't include 'always' but I do remember the first notebook I asked my dad to buy for me at the store when I was about fourteen. It was a Cambridge just like this one: The story behind why I... Continue Reading →

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